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    only interested in the cards listed. feel free to check my trade pg. i do not have any rc's or prospects on my trade pg so just lmk who you are looking for=)

    jeff mathis
    -2003 bowman dp future game relic
    -2003 topps trd chrome refractor
    -2003 auto #/100
    -2001 topps trd chrome
    -2001 topps trd chrome retrofractor

    dallas mcpherson
    -2003 topps trd chrome refractor
    -2002 bowman chrome dp ref, xfrac, gold ref

    alberto callaspo
    -2003 just stars auto

    brandon wood
    -2003 topps draft pick (from factory sets)
    -2003 bowman chrome dp auto

    erick aybar
    -2003 just stars auto

    ervin santana
    -2002 ud minor lg

    bobby jenks
    -2003 bowman auto
    -2002 bowmans best blue, red, gold auto

    rich fischer
    -2003 leaf limited auto
    -2003 donruss sig rc
    -2003 playoff absolute rc #/1500

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Will trade my:
    jeff mathis -2001 topps trd chrome
    for your:
    2003 ud yankee sig series Tommy John

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    no thx, the matty only books at a few bucks and i trade autos for autos. lmk if you collect any prospects

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    halonut, i think I mentioned this before in a previous post but my Mcpherson Gold refractor is on ebay right now here is the link:

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    thx but it's hard to afford a gold refractor when you're unemployed;)

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