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Thread: Kevin Hardy Game Used...

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    Kevin Hardy Game Used...

    I have a 2000 Topps "All-Pro" Game Worn Pro Bowl Jersey or Kevin Hardy

    I will sell it for $2.00 shipped or for 100 CC

    LMK if you are interested.

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    i'll give you the 100 cc for it but you'll have to tell me how

  4. #4 is how:

    1) Go to card cash store
    2) Click on Donate Money to another user
    3) Enter my user name (Dtrain)
    4) Donate 100 CC
    5) The rest I think you can get


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    hey, are you still wanting to do this. i'm sorry i forgot about it. let me know if you still have it and i will send you the cc

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    I would rather trade it.....I just found out that it books for $15...I will trade it to you...LMK if you have any baseball g/u but I will also accept Football game Used.

    LMK and thanks

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    nah, i don't really want it that bad, i just want to get rid of my cc

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