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Thread: GU for Sale or Trade

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    GU for Sale or Trade

    Here is a list of my GU that I am wanting to sell or trade for Deuce McAllister, Donte Stallworth, Aaron Brooks, Talman Gardner and Joe Horn Rookies, GU, Autos and Low#ed inserts...

    02 Fleer Classic Combinations W. Payton/E. Smith #32 Jersey (white) BV$60
    01 Fleer Tradition Grass Roots E. Smith #10 Turf BV$50
    00 Fleer Genuin Coverage Chad Pennington #26 Jersey (green) BV$50
    02 Fleer Authentix Jersey Authentix Ripped Peter Warrick #JAPW Jersey (black) BV$8
    02 UD MVP Souvenirs Fred Taylor #SSFT Jersey (white) BV$10
    03 UD Game Jerseys Chad Johnson #GJCJ Jersey (white) BV$10
    02 Flair Jersey Heights Jerseys Kordell Stewart #10 (black) BV$12
    01 SP Game Used Edition Authentic Fabric Jason Sehorn #SE Jersey (Blue with some white cant tell what it is though) BV$10
    02 Bowman Rookie Flashback Chris Weinke #RFRCW Jersey (black) BV$12
    03 Fleer Genuin Insider Touchdown Threats R. Moss/T. Owens(red Jersey has crease near jersey) #TTTO BV$10 but will trade it for $5



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    I may be interested in this card...

    2002 fleer platinum portraits ricky williams jsy

    Thanks LMK


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