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Thread: Anthony Thomas GU for CC

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    Anthony Thomas GU for CC

    Anthony Thomas GU for CC
    Mint card! Scans:

    Front (mint-used fastscan for the scans)



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    Hmmm, We Can't Find that Page...

    The page you're looking for might have been moved or deleted. Or, perhaps the Web address is misspelled?

    Ideas to help you find what you're looking for:
    Try refreshing the page (click Refresh or Reload on your browser).
    Check the address for spelling and punctuation errors.
    Go to MSN Groups Home and look around from there.

    I think there is something wrong with your link to the scan.
    Is it on ebay somewhere?

    Thanks, and lmk.

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    oops, i only looked at the front, the back doesn't work.


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    Its not off ebay.....I scanned each of these myself. Try going to my pictures and it is under cards I will bet on games...More scans will be coming when I get the chance. Should I write cardbuyer66 on a piece of paper and put it under the cards so people know its the exact one? I wasnt sure If I should. All these scans are original from my crappy scanner lol

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    those 2 links worked for me and the top 2 didnt, idk why maybe itll work. I hope!

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