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Thread: Trading my Basketball

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    Trading my Basketball

    I used to collect basketball, but never had alot of cards. I am trying to trade away my base cards and inserts for cards in football or baseball. I will also sell for cash and maybe cc. I do not have any autos for trade in basketball and only 1 game used. Name a player that you want and I will try and find some cards of theirs. I only collected through like 95-00 and do not have alot of rookies either. The only players I am not trading away are Mcgrady, Kidd, KMart, Kobe, and Iverson. LMK who you are looking for.

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    The Game Used Card is

    1999-2000 Skybox E-X Genuine Coverage Shareef Abdur Rahim BV $30

    I would need a game used or auto in football or baseball in trade. LMk.

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    check my game used list for baseball
    ill trade non-#ed game used for the shareef


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