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Thread: Is lebron all that

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    Is lebron all that

    :rotate: Do you think Lebron James should go to college or to the NBA
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    I think he should go to the NBA. I don't think hes going to be the next Jordan like some people think yet i do believe he will average about 14 pts in his rookie year then in his prim start averaging around 30
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    i think he will have a mediocre first season...12 ppg but then he will explode. there is a reason he is getting all this attention...from seeing him play i think he will be great

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    I agree mtduff.... he will go straight to NBA,,,, have a halfway decent season... then brake out like kobe is doing

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    Let's see even if he will be a bum in all his seasons in the NBA.

    19 million + 30million shoe contract and endorsements to work 6 months.
    $0 to work to get $19 million + a shoe contract and endorsements to work 6 month and have to hide all the things he is getting under the table.

    well NBA wins.


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    like i said before i have seen him play at least a dozen times he is simply amazing his ball handiling skills are great his defense is superb and his jumper rivals anyones in the nba now. Lebron takes a lot of flack with the hummer and other things but fact is he is a team player he could go out and score 70 a night anytime he wants

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    nba, he isn't smart enough to eligable to play college ball

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    Originally posted by hersch03
    nba, he isn't smart enough to eligable to play college ball
    ouch!!! I heard he already forfeited his college his college eligibility for something he did at a summer camp!! Who wouldn't go straight to the NBA when as soon as you sign that contract, you are set for life!!

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    NBA, i saw him play at the Prime Time Shootout Two tears in a rwo at Trenton NJ (Best HS tourney in country) and he defintely is a man among boys. As much as i oppose High schollers entering the draft, he should go now and not risk getting hurt in college.

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    If he goes to college for even one year he will be soo much better when he goes into the Nba.

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