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    Need 2003 Finest Autos, Relics and Gold Refractors

    Here's my monthly request for the Finest autos and relics I don't have.

    Please check my site to see what I already have, as I have over half of them all.

    I'd like to take another step toward completion.

    Also, and Gold Refractors would be of interest in trade for other inserts, #'d etc.
    Just let me know what you are looking for.

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    LMK if you can use anything from my site....

    I'd be interested in trading for the Adam Dunn Auto/25.

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    You never got back to me about the I-rod Finest g-u you wanted. Check my thread on page 2 and see if you want to trade. thanks

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    Sorry, after a few days of not hearing from you, I forgot about it.
    See my post in the Chit Chat Forum and you'll see why.

    I would be interested in that trade. PM me you address and we'll make it happen.

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    sorry, didn't see anything I'd part with the Dunn for. Maybe another time...

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    Patrick4, I am very sorry for your son and I pray that everything works out for him. I know it is really hard on you and your wife and I will pray for all of you to be strong and things will work out. I will send you a pm in a little while.

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    Patrick4...I can help you out on your autos. I have all you need except the Marte. Make you a good $$ deal or will trade for refractors ,auto refractors from this set (03 Finest). God bless you and your family at this troubled time. I can relate to your situation as my wife has seizures also. Thanks and LMK .....Dan

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    Thank you for the kind words. The sincerity and support of the people on this site have truly been appreciated.

    The only refractors I have left (I think I traded you my others) are Schilling and A-rod. I think you have those. PM me with what you would want for the autos that you have and I need.

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