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Thread: Friends Wants!!

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    Friends Wants!!

    hi, my friend is looking to fatten his collection. he needs any and ALL Laveranues Coles and Santana Moss cards he can get.

    some examples:

    sp authentic
    topps chrome
    any gu/autos
    most low #
    any nice base rc (topps chrome contenders leaf limited titanium debut pros and prospects ETC)

    check his page lmk what you have and like


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    I got me a couple S moss jersey cards on my www .. Would he buy right now


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    2001 Leaf rookies and stars freshmen orientation santana moss--Game Jsy~~{{BV $20}}~~ Jets Uniform
    01 Playoff Honors Rookie Tandems Santana Moss/Freddie Mitchel-DUAL Game Used Football ~~{{BV $15}}~~ Jets Uniform, Eagles Uniform
    02 Fleer Genuine Genuine Article Santana Moss Game Used Jersey{{252/500}} ~~{{BV$10}}~~ Jets Uniform

    How much for these 3?


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    I pmed you about this right away and have not received a conformation on it.. I am just curious if you even had the pm


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    hey, he said he cant do that much just because there is other stuff he wants more right now, sry


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    I am going to get in touch with an emmitt collector i talk to and i will see if he needs any of those jerseys of emmitt that your friend has.. If he does.. Im almost postive i need something from him so i will see what happens then


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    Will do.. Jamie((jlderly)) has a nice ulacher jersey card that i could use to trade for a dayne.. Its good sell bait if the dayne is not there either but the time delay in all these pms may take a bit


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