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    First Presidential Cut Made it to EBay

    Well, Jefferson was first on. Bidding on it has been crazy, and its a 10 day auction, no telling where it will end.

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    Thats one awesome cut! It start at a dollar and is almost up to 5,000 thats amazing!

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    That's a sweet card. I can't imagine the face on the person who got that out of a pack.

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    it was me. i pulled it. i plan on using the money to buy a diamond studded collar for my dog

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    WOW Sweet card. Think if Jefferson is going for 5 grand or more. Think about George Washington or Abraham Lincoln or JFK. I wish I could pull one of those things. That would be unbelivable.

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    Originally posted by Rick Polus
    All I can say is WOW !

    Thats all most people can say

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    Already over $5,000. Wonder what this is gonna end up at!

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    So.. do they come in their own collection, or what? what should i search on ebay if i wanted to buy a box of presidential cards or whatever this set is? lol

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