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Thread: Buying CC

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    Buying CC

    I am buying CC. Make me an offer.


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    u mean 250 CC, and yes through paypal. I am lookinng to buy about 100 CC.


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    how much paypal $ will you give me for it? im not new to this site, its just that i dont come here much, so how would i send it to you?


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    i can give you $2.50 for your 250 CC. If that works for you, go to the cardcash store and click on donate cardcash.


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    ok, transfer the CC and PM me your paypal id.


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    well i got 357 cc now, what will you give me for that? i need to keep adleast 50 in my cc acct. for a bet i might lose, so i got 307 cc to offer how much will you give me for that? and i might just want to build up in cc, so maybe we can do a really big deal sometime...


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    I can only give you 3.00. Will you still do 250 cc for that?


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