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    Talking Going to start a Chrome set, please help.

    I have decided to put together the complete base set, with autos, for the following sets. I need almost evey card, and the ones listed are what I have.

    2002 Bowman Chrome:

    2002 Bowman Draft Chrome:
    David Bush
    Chris Snyder
    Steve Russell
    Jason Grove
    Marshall McDougall
    Andres Torres

    2003 Bowman Chrome:
    Greg Aquino
    Ryan Cameron
    Greg Bruso

    2003 Bowman Draft Chrome:
    Isn't released

    Anything not listed, I need.

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    i got a junior spivey bowman 03 chrome

    looking for Texiera cards or Indian prospect cards in return


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    O.K., I will search through my boxes for what you need.

    Yeah! 500 Posts.
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    I have Adam Kennedy from 02 Bowman Chrome and Jason Pridie from 02 Bowman Chrome Draft.
    If you have any 03 Topps Chrome stuff, LMK.


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    I have the following 2002 Bowman Chrome cards:
    #47 Rafael Palmeiro
    #57 Vladimir Guerrero
    #88 Matt Morris
    #101 Pedro Martinez
    #148 Brandon Berger
    #149 J.R. House
    #258 Jose Ortiz
    #259 Denny Bautista
    The first 4 are red versions (veterans), the last 4 are the blue cards.
    I'm looking for RC's, no specific brand, team or player. Have a list anywhere? Total BV for total BV?


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    moose- I have like 3 Topps Chrome Base Cards, but that is it

    hendrikus- You can click on the www under my post and see if there are any RC that interest you.

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    I have a 2002 Delwyn Young Bowman Chrome Draft Picks #10 BGS 9

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    have a buch of 2002 bowman chrome , trade that in a lot for what i need over 100 cards for you to start of with

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    I have these 03 Bowman Chrome:

    #15 A.J. Pierzynski
    #98 Pat Burrell
    #196 Ismael Castro
    #229 Rob Hammock
    #239 Ferenc Jongejan
    #243 Il Kim
    #299 Levi Robinson
    #308 Ryan Spataro

    LMK if any of these interest you and between this and your other post, perhaps we can work something out.

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    I saw the following RC's on your site:
    2001 UD Prosp & Premieres Jeff Mathis $1.25
    2001 UD Prosp & Premieres Aaron Heilman $1.00
    2002 Bowman Draftpicks Brent Clevlen $1.25
    2003 Bowman Dustin yount $1.25
    2003 Bowman Michaels $0.75
    2003 Bowman Smith $0.75
    Total $6.25.

    My 8 chrome cards have BV of $6.75. If you can pitch in another low end RC (no matter what, $0.50) than we can call it a trade. What do you think? PLMK

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