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Thread: Looking for GU and Autos

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    Looking for GU and Autos

    I am looking for GU and Autos. LMK who you have and what you are asking.


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    I have plenty of CC and can make a good offer.


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    i have a 03 fleer authentix sean surroughs i would send you for 400 CC and a Alex Hernandez royal rookies i would send for 75 CC

    lmk if interested

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    What is the BV of the Burroughs?


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    BTW, i can do between 10-15 CC ber $1 BV.


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    DH... your pm box is full... u got to empty some out...

    ne way that card books for 15 and u owe me 15 cc for the services

    ... lol... joke aobut the 15 cc... ne time u need a price check just ask :)

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    thanks, i'll empty some out now.


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