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Thread: 1997 Leaf Signature 8x10 Autos

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    1997 Leaf Signature 8x10 Autos

    Have the following from 1997 Leaf Signature Series 8x10 Autos:

    Jamal Anderson BV $15
    Joey Kent BV $10

    FT or FS
    take both for $5


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    Jamal Anderson BV $15

    I'll give you $3 shipped for it. Or I'll trade a 2000 Pacific Jon Kitna GU jersey w/ a nice sized jersey piece BV $20 for it straight up. either way, PLMK

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    Either way, just please hold that anderson for me. I promise we can definitely make a deal for it

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    done deal. PM me your info, and I'll send the 3 bucks tomorrow for the two. Thanks!

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