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Thread: Question on a Mantle card?

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    Question on a Mantle card?

    I can't find this card in Beckett. It says 1996 on the back. Does anyone know what set it's from? Thanks.

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    well, fwiw, that is a replica of

    1957 "Manager's Dream" Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays baseball card #18

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    I have the real one :) I wish my dad was around because he absolutely loves this card because the guys in the background are HOFers too... I just forget who they are.

    Anyways Lefty, what you have there is a 1996 Topps Mantle. They were inserted at 1:9 Hobby, 1:6 Retail, 1:2 Jumbo, and 4 per Cereal Factory Set. Only the first 2 (the bowman rookie and topps rookie) bring a premium of $10 and $15 respectfully... yours is just a $5 common.

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    One of the players looks like Ernie Banks in the back. I can't tell though.


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    Thanks for the info,Iggy. The other players look like Hank Aaron and either Ernie Banks or Billy Williams.

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    If I remember correctly (now the old man is sleeping), he's fingerprinted Banks, Aaron, and I can't remember the 3rd.

    Also, the original card is a 62... not a 57 as that website states.

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    It is a replica of a 57' card I believe.

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    '57 #18 is a Don Drysdale rookie card... the mangers dream card is definitely a '62 card.

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