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Thread: Look here

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    Look here

    Check out my site and LMK what you like then I will let you know how much CC it is

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    2003 Vernon Wells Leaf Shirt Off My Back GU Jersey bv$8

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    2003 Bazooka Johnny Damon Blasts Bat Relics (GU bat) bv-$8
    How much??

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    2003 Alfonso Soriano Topps OTG #OG15
    Do you have any other regular Soriano cards? PLMK!

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    2003 Albert Pujols Topps Finest GU Jersey bv$15
    2003 Bowman Brandon Phillips All-Star Futures GU jersey

    How much CC for those?


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    I would like 100 CC for every $1 BV but make an offer and maybe I'll bend a little

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    Sorry for any confusion but the Pujols are not for trade unless its an offer that I cannot resist

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    1995 Alex Rodriguez Score Rules #SR5 BV=$12
    2000 Alex Rodriguez Fleer Focus Focus Pocus FP10
    2000 Alex Rodriguez Skybox Skylines card # 3
    2000 Alex Rodriguez UD Powerdeck
    2000 Alex Rodriguez UD Superstar Summit
    1998 Alex Rodriguez Gold Label #25
    2001 Alex Rodriguez UD Big Fly ZONE #Z8

    what is the BV on these? 100cc for $1 bv is rediculous! Im willing to pay up to 15cc for $1 bv

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    no way im paying 100 for 1 dollar BV eathier thats crazy!! 800 cc for a BV 8 card???
    ill do 15cc per $1 bv too. 120 for the Wells? PLMK Thanks.

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    From what I remember the store goes by $1 = 100 CC but I'll be willing to bend to $2.50 = 100 CC...I will trade some of those cards for LeBron rookies as well

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