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Thread: Lucky Snipe LOL!

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    Talking Lucky Snipe LOL!

    I listed this auction on my "watching" list, but forgot to check back until just now. Realizing that the auction ended soon, I rushed to ebay, and noticed there was only 16 seconds left. I hurried and entered my bid, and got it in with under 10 seconds left. Turns out I ended up winning this sweet foster auto for under four bucks :D

    Pretty lucky in my opinion. I almost forgot to bid

  2. Kronozio
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    nice going

    I am intrigued by your fascination with DeShaun

    While I love all Bruins players...the sh*t he pulled his senior year (taking gifts from agents, cars, etc) made UCLA looked bad

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    Wow man that is quite a steal.. And with his shipping rates((multiple buyer from him)) he never fails to put up some great cards at awsem deals.. Keep an eye out for others from him which i have no clue where he gets them from.. Glad to see you can get something rather cheap for your collection like that.. The only auto that i see go for that kinda price is with dayne is a UD game gear auto that books at like 12 bucks LOL


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    Nice steal. Maybe Deshaun will get some playing time and his value will go up you never know.

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