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Thread: grading a t206

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    grading a t206

    i have a t206 mcintyre that i had just got in trade. i would like to get it graded and slabbed for preservation/authentication purposes. my question is this, i have a cert. from bgs for 2 gradings. does bgs grade pre war cards/ or should i go with a different company. if i dont use the cert i may try and trade it off(it expires 12/31/03)

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    I don't think BGS grades pre-war cards. I would go with SGC. They are the best for grading vintage cards. They are right up there in prices (sometimes even higher) with PSA when being sold on Ebay.

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    i checked the pop report for the t 206's
    they had a few but not as many as psa or scg

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