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Thread: 04 UD for trade

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    04 UD for trade

    I just opened 2 boxes of series 1 UD baseball. here are the highlights...

    Headliners GU Magglio Ordonez jersey ( w/ Pinstripe)
    Headliners GU MIke Lowell Jersey

    USA GU jersey Jered Weaver
    USA GU jersey Mike Nickeas

    I also got 8 USA insert cards, If you wat a list of who PM me otherwise I dont want to type them all :) or if your looking for someone from the USA team just holla.

    25 Salute Barry bonds
    25 Salute Jason Giambi
    25 Salute Jay Gibbons
    25 Salute Troy Glaus

    25 salute is a insert set that seems to feature players who hit 25 hr or more

    NY Yankees Magical performers Jose Conteras (very very very nice card) this isnt for trade

  2. SCC Black Friday 2017
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    all the yanks I am keeping, I will check on Blue Jays.

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    i still would like to know what yankees you got if thats ok. PLMK!

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    neil ...
    here is what i goy for ya ...

    Blue jays
    (2)V Wells
    J phelps
    (2) R Halladay
    K escobar
    E Hinske
    O Hudson


    (2) Matsui
    matsui Highlight
    Clemens Highlight

    Dark angel No Chipper

    lazer no Ian stewart

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    beckett I got no becketts but I got like 3 different willis if you want them Pm me.

    I didnt see any Casey either but I will double check again.

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