I have a bunch of these football promos if anyone is interested (lookin for hockey, if possible):

Fleer Metal '95 #S1 Trent Dilfer
Skybox '94 #S1 Tom Carter
Skybox '94 #S2 Gary Clark
Skybox '94 #S6 John Taylor
Skybox Impact '95 #S7 William Floyd
Pro Set Power '94 Richard Webb
Collector's Edge '95 #1 Junior Seau
Collector's Edge '95 #4 Junior Seau
Pro Set Power '94 Garrison Hearst
Playoff Contenders '94 Quadry Ismail
Collector's Edge '94 Boss #2 Jerome Bettis
Collector's Edge '94 Boss #3 Erric Pegram
Collector's Edge Excaliber # SL2 John Elway
Playoff '93 Promo set (6 cards) Emmit Smith, Barry Foster, Quinn Early, Sterling Sharp, Tim Brown & Steve Young (I have 1 full set, + multiples of all but Brown)
Playoff '94 Ground Attack (6 cards) Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, Junior Seau, Sterling Sharpe, Rick Mirer, marcus Allen (I have 4 sets, + multiples of all but Smith)
Action Packed '94 High Profile Emmit Smith #1
Action Packed '94 High Profile Steve Young #16
Action Packed '94 High Profile Neil O'Donnoll # 105
Upper Deck 96 Dan Marino # 1996
Upper Deck '96 Predictor Promo Marino #P96
UD Collector's Choice '94 Montana Promo #19
UD Collector's Choice '95 Montana Promo #19
UD Collector's Choice '94 You crash the game Montana Promo #C19
UD '95 Montana Promo #19
Flair '95 Michael Irvin #S-1