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Thread: Target pack break Double Mojo

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    Target pack break Double Mojo

    Bought 4 of the target packs with autos tonight. Got Sam Mitchell, Tony Delk, and then 2 Karl Malone 93-94 Fleer Ultra autographs BV $100 each. Both times I purchased Target packs I've gotten the same card twice now! Unfortunately, the other time was Danny Ferry!

    At least one of the Mailman cards will probably end up on eBay sooner than later. I will consider trading one of them for a comparably priced superstar auto.


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    Awwwww... poor you for getting doubles of malone...(I'll always take that extra if youd like me 2 :D) jk any how gj on getting some kick @ss cards for a cheap price.

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    Im serious. would some consider buying a couple of these target packs and shipping them to me? The targets near me dont carry them. Ill cover for all the shipping and pack costs, plus ill give you a GU'ed for free. let me know if someones interested


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    skyracer... next time i go to target ill see what they got.. but what do they look like lol

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    yeah I'm in the same boat as skyracer...I'll buy one of those target packs off of someone

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    yeah whata nice pull....i'm intrested with ur malone

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    nice pulls! i havent gotten one of the malones yet
    but i have gotten the dupe down

    i got two of the Dikembe Mutumbo Fleer Special Editions ...and worse both were #4 (out of 11 different) lol

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    anyone want to buy me one of those then I will pay you for them

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