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Thread: Who wants to trade?

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    Who wants to trade?

    I am looking for:
    Portis rcs, gu autos,
    Harrington rcs, gu, autos
    holmes rcs, gu, autos
    Randy Moss rcs, gu, autos
    Santana Moss rcs, gu, autos
    Chad Pennington rcs, gu, autos
    Roy Williams rcs, gu, autos
    Michael Vick rcs, gu, autos
    Ricky Williams rcs, gu, autos
    Star autos
    Star patches
    spx auto gu rcs

    Lebron James
    Carmello Anthony
    Star autos
    spx auto gu rcs

    Joe Mauer
    Check my list under the baseball section for the prospects and some stars i need
    Albert Pujols
    Star autos

    I am looking for cards of these players that book $7 or more.
    Check my www to see whats availabe for trade

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    If you have a tradelist, i can also take a look at that

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