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Thread: Wanted - St. Louis Cardinals

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    Wanted - St. Louis Cardinals

    I am a newbie to the boards. I am looking to work on my Cardinals collection. Especially Ozzie Smith, Scott Rolen, Albert Pujols.

    If you can help me out that would be great. Right now I am looking to trade, but I might be interested in buying some too. If you have anything you want to get rid of let me know. I am going to work on a website to list my haves for trade. Hopefully I will get that up soon. For now just let me know what you are looking for and I will see what I have.

    I am also trying to put together a 2003 topps traded gold set. So let me know if you have any.


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    Hi, welcome to the site. I have Ozzie, Rolen, & Pujols listed on my site if you'd like to take a look at it. If you see anything, I'm looking for stuff I need from the players in my signature.


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    Scott Rolen 2003 Flair Diamond Cuts Jersey #DC-SR
    Red Schoendienst 01 Bowman Heritage Game used Bat #BHM-RS

    Collect Arod and Bowman sets

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    Anything specific you looking for of Arod? I would like to trade for the rolen Jersey.


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    For Starters, VERY NICE Pujols collection. Wish I had it. No way could I afford it right now.

    I didn't see anything on your wantlist that I had. Any other players beside pujols that you are interested in. I would like to get both Rolen's and it looked like you had an extra 2001 fleer Legacy Baseball 102 Albert Pujols Ultimate #/250 ROOKIE!



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    I have a 1995 Scott Rolen Bowman's Best RC BGS 9 and an
    1997 Topps Gallery Players Private Issue Edgar Renteria /250

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    I have these:
    2002 Fleer #398
    2002 Fleer Maximum #24
    2002 Fleer Tradition Update #U368
    2002 Topps Ten #10
    2002 UD Diamond Connection #52
    2003 Donruss Champions #241
    2003 Donruss Champions Tema COlors #TC-19

    2002 Donruss Originals #263
    2002 SP Authentic #198
    2003 Stadium Club #67

    1986 Topps #730
    1987 Topps #749
    1988 Topps #460
    1990 Score #285
    1994 Ultra #568
    1995 Donruss #50

    I f you need any of these, LMK. I could use some 03 Topps Chrome Stuff, or newer Pittsburgh Pirates.


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    Yeah I have a TON of Pujols on my site!!
    I need to sell them!!
    LMK if you want to buy any of them!!

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    I've got this-

    03 Fleer Tradition J.D Drew jersey BV$10

    I'll sell if for $4 delivered...Let me know if your interested...Thanks

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