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Thread: Spoke too soon

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    Talking Spoke too soon

    i got up at 4 in the morning to go to thanksgiving day after give aways at the mall. She was rather happy with me so she let me open a target pack from the stash shes hiding for the holidays...

    93-94 Ultra Career Highlights Karl Malone Auto #8

    very happy

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    very cool!!

    I too got up at 7 am (not that early)

    went to Office Max to buy a fax machine with 4-in-1 capability (fax, copy, scan, print)

    for a whopping $60!!

    it normally sells at $149 or so!

    and also got a leather chair for $19 that normally sells for $99

    and a few other goodies...

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    Nice pick ups Pod. There are some serious sales today if people are willing to brave the crowds. Nice on the Malone auto to. I wish my Target carried these packs. I am feeling mojoriffic lately.

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    I got a DVD/VCR player for $60 and it is normally $150..pretty happy with that

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    I lined up at Best Buy at 5am with a couple friends. We had a fold away table and chair set, so we just played texas hold em till the store opened, haha. I ended up buying a DVD player for 19.99, an LCD flat panel monitor for $99, and a 2.4ghz toshiba laptop for $500!! Thats a friggen good price, but i bought it for my brother so he better pay me back. =)

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