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Thread: WTT/WTS Milicic Finest RC

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    WTT/WTS Milicic Finest RC

    I have an unredeemed Finest RC of Darko Milicic...It is a sweet card but I don't collect XRC's, just regular RC's. BV is $60.00. If you are a true basketball fan (as I am) you've read all the articles that this kid is tearing it up in practice...they are just bringing him along slowly since he is only 18! I realize he's not flashy right now but he's gonna be a monster...there is a reason he was drafted #2 and Larry Brown has such high praises. Please PM me if interested. Thanks

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    I am very interested in trading any idea who you would want
    i could trade lower valued gus and stuff
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    if you get me a list of GU/RC's/Autos I will take a look

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    check my site lots of stuff not on there. low end(mvp rookies for trade) bosh ford collison ebi. have a UD football, simms bv 15 rc,brad banks, brandon lloyd. UD Rookie Premieres of Ragone, grossman, and bethel johnson.

    Just check the site and lmk. I may find some more rookies to if i do i will post them.

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    I can use these:
    Allen Iverson 2003 Topps Finest Refractors Jersey
    Antonio Bryant Topps Prestiege Rookie Premiere
    2001 Michael Vick Bowman
    2002 David Carr Bowman
    1999 Austin Kearns Bowman

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    The vick is gone would you trade the Darko for the Iverson, Bryant, Carr, Kearns, and like the UD chris simms or something let me know.

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    I also need the Darko
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