I am putting together a group of 10-20 grab bags each containing 20-25 cards(approximatly, as I may add a few) containing stars, rookies and inserts. Many superstar players will be included, like... Duckett, Andre Johnson, Vick, Pennington, Barber, K. Johnson, R. Moss, S. Moss, D. Davis, S. Davis, J. Delhomme, S. Smith, M. Muhammad, Gannon, Rice, Brown, Urlacher, A. Green, Favre, etc. Each "bag" will have a number of inserts and stars, and a few rookies and commons. I am asking $7 plus a SASE for each grab bag, as they will have a gareunteed beckett high book value of at least $20. I will negotiate that price with people who purchase 2 or more packages. If someone buys 5 or more "bags", I will throw in a certified Bowman Autographed card. If someone buys 3 or more, I will throw in 10 more inserts or stars. Buy 8 or more, and I will toss in 2 free "bags". Some of the sets included are......

2003 Topps
2003 Topps Total
2003 UD MVP
Many years of Topps, Skybox, Fleer, Playoff, Pacific, Upper Deck, Finest, Donruss etc.

Some rookies include... Topps Byron Leftwich, Andre Johnson, Boldin, Smith, Topps Total A. Johnson(Silver $8), Rogers, B. Johnson many others in the $3 range, MVP Boller, Smith etc.. Inserts will be in the $1-$10 range each, including most at $5 or so. Makes a great gift for children, friends, parents, yourself, other collectors, or someone just starting to collect. Thank you for looking