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Thread: Rangers and Devil Rays

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    Rangers and Devil Rays

    I have 2 huge lots of Rangers and Devil Rays. Both include stars of the team, etc. If interested please LMK and I"ll send more detail. I'm looking to pick up a Reds lot.


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    please post buy/sell/trade cards in the TRADING FORUM

    I am moving this to there

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    Sorry, I thought I did.
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    Just curious but how can you trade a Devil Rays lot and say it has stars in it?
    Anyway, I am interested in these Rangers if you have any.
    Palmeiro, Teixeira, Blalock, Nix, Nivar, Mench, Young, Greer

    Also any rookies and these players and also looking for Pudge.

    I am only interested in these Rangers. Not a huge lot of some I don't really care about. I have way to many commons as it is. lol
    LMK if you can help me with this.

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    I guess Dray fans collect the likes of Huff and Grieve and some rookies, etc. I'm really looking to trade the whole lots. I'd rather have commons of my team then commons of others. I have 200-300 cards. If I don't get any takers I'll get back with you. thanks

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    Okay. Thanks. If you don't get any takers I think I could come up with some Reds for ya'. I know I got a bunch of Larkins and a serial numbered Kearns. LMK. Thanks.

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    I have 15 or so Palmeiro including a numbered card, I have several Blaylock (5-6), 7 Teixeira and a few of some of the other players. Also have 5-6 pudge in this stack.

    I'd be interested in your Kearns and other Reds.


    I'll get more detail on this later. Have to run.

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    Great thanks. I'd like all the Blalock's and teixeira's but need to know what the Pudge and Palmeiro's are to see if I need them.

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    Hi Molina00
    I had some good luck finding some of the other players you like. I PMd you a list of all. LMK and thanks

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