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Thread: Vote Today!!!

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    Vote Today!!!

    Everyone should make sure that they get out and vote today. (Especially if you vote republican!!! j/k) The way I feel is if you don't vote then you can't complain.


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    Why i dont like is all these people runnign call ya up like 4 times a day every day with a stupid recorded message saying go vote for someone

    This shouldnt be allowed its worse than telemarketers

    makes ya wanna run out and vote for em

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    Well looks like the Democrats have won this one, can someone please explain to me why you stagger your elections? over here in the UK we do it all in one go unlike your own system, which seems to vote for a 1/3 now then a 1/3 in 2 years and so on. Suerly this is a expensive way to do it? and doesnt realy show a true picture of your political landscape.

    De Orc

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    Sad Republican here. =(

    And we stagger it so that all the idiots out there who think Bush is the only reason that we have problems won't vote the senate and house like 70+% Democrats. :P


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    Democrat and Loving It!
    Only Collecting Nebraska Players Autos/GU

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