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    I am looking for all powerdeck CD cards!

    Don't need any more new offers :) I'm just going to try and work out trades with the people who made posts before the one I made on page 5, since I've had a much higher amount of responses than expected :) Thanks to everyone who's looked for these cards for me!
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    Heres who i have
    Edgerrin James
    Terrell Davis
    Manny Ramirez
    Alex Rodriguez
    Peyton Manning
    Ken Griffey Jr. 400th career Hr


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    billsfan2006- only mcgahee I have is his score RC. LMK if you need it.

    neil07carrier- interested in all. I have no idea what sort of BV is on these cd's but I'll do some searching and see what I can find of the guys you collect.

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    id like to keep the manning and edgerrin james. forgot i wanted to keep those. sorry.

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    ive got a couple dupes, ill trade em for other powerdecks

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    billsfan2006- I'll pass. I don't really like burrell all that much anyway.

    neil07carrier- that's fine. I'll find something for the others then.

    bdrr- I don't have other powerdecks

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    hey rodent.. let me see how much the arod books.. and if htey are the same.. ill give u both for the mcgahee... if the arod books a little more u think u could sned some cc?

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