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Thread: Mistys Big Bag o' Cleanin

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    Thumbs up Mistys Big Bag o' Cleanin

    :hop: are ya ready for the end of the hockey season well here's my cleanig list ::hop:
    Upper Deck Young :guns:

    #'s:197,198,199,201,202,203,204,205,206,209,211,21 3,214,216,217,221,222,223,225,427,428,430,432,433, 442,444,448,449,450,453,455,456

    s~pb /Bondra
    s~ss /Samsonov
    cg~ss /Sullivan
    50~js /Sakic
    sh~kk /Kolanos
    sh~pk /Kariya
    s~br /Brind'amour
    s~ak /Koralev
    s~vn /Nieminen
    frf~db /Blackburn (3 colour)
    frf~el /Lindros
    sp~bl /leetch
    #116 Pvt Stock Reserve Federov


    mo /ouelette
    ds /Sedin
    se / Selanne

    Odds and sods (Incerts odd rooks)

    #3 Reserve Elite P.Roy
    T.Koivisto RC (sp) 005/250
    B.Rolston 322/499
    #106 Kobasew RC 30/350 (crown royale)
    ig~4 Hasek (mint)
    bt2 Lemieux
    psh~14 Roy
    ws~2 Drury
    ws~16 Elias
    ss9 Gretzky

    Gold Cards (Series I & II)

    #8 Hallio 28/75
    #48 Forsberg 43/75
    #139 Straka 42/75
    #287 Reinprecht 71/75
    #353 Peca 48/75
    GD~11 Gaborik (artistic) 48/75

    *NOTE* If your lookin for any card in Series II,Impressions,Honor roll probly got it here somewhere plus got a load of MVP Classics Too so if at all intrested in this odd bag pm me Im cleaning out and getting ready for Football (and next season) Thanx....Misty

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    Misty: I need these cards to finish the base set:
    2002-2003 UD Artistic Impressions 8,77,89
    2002-2003 Upper Deck Series 1
    1,17,20,27,36,37,56,58,72,73,89,108,125,152,162,16 3,164,169
    2002-2003 UD Honor Roll: 4,20,33,45,52,60,61,74,77,97

    If you can help me out with a bunch of these I will buy them or trade something for them.

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    I probly have these and if i dont i can get them easy (so give me a bit o time )

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    hey misty,

    whaddya want for the #106 Kobasew RC 30/350 (crown royale)

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