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Thread: Who do you want for CC?

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    Who do you want for CC?

    plmk. Looking to sell mostly base and inserts. Ill have scans and all. I need to know what cards you are looking for.

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    I am interested in:

    McDyess (Only in Knicks Uni)
    Mutumbo (Knicks Uni)
    Van Horn (Knicks Uni)
    Chris Bosh (Only Raptors Uni)
    Vince Carter (Raptors Uni)
    Kurt Thomas (Knicks Uni)
    Ben Wallace (Pistons)
    Billups (Pistons)
    Prince (Pistons)
    Hamilton (Pistons)
    Darko (Pistons)

    I would like to see scans of the cards you have, and would like to know the price. Thanks.

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    I would be interested in Kendall Gill if you have anymore. If not, I know why. LOL.

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