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Thread: Sweet new auto FT/Sale

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    Sweet new auto FT/Sale

    I just pulled a 2003 Topps Finest Team Topps Jim Brown auto, The card is actually is a 2001 but I guess it was inserted into the finest for some reason.

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    It books for $150

    I have no scanner, sorry. It is like a reprint card though

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    How much delivered? Make me an offer I cant refuse ;) Thanks.

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    I have no idea, I hate setting prices but I would guess somewhere in the $70 range because I like Brown.

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    you say FT/Sale...who do you collect, so we know what trade offers to give?

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    only really autos. I like RC autos that are high end like Carr Carson Palmer Leftwich Portis guys like that and other high end autos

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