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    Can someone please help me with Carson Palmer

    Im looking to get 2 Carson Palmer cards. I don't really care what brand and stuff. I dont need one thats worth money. Just need 2 common Carson Palmer cards. PLMK what you have Thanks!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    2003 Fleer Tradition 271 Carson Palmer BV.$5

    Looking for players in my sig in return.

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    I'm just looking to basically pay in cc now or trade. I do have a nice Clemens card ill have to dig it out and ill see if youd trade for that. Ill look in just a bit Thanks for the quick reply!

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    im not sure on beckett vaule so youll have to let me know. Its a real nice card though. 1997 Upper Deck Amazing Greats One of 2,000 AG21. The card is kinda like see through. very nice. PLMK Thanks!

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    Are you sure its 97? The only one I found by that # is 1998,with a bv of $15 and the Die Cut bv.$40

    Lmk if you have anything else from my sig. or wantlist or set needs.

    By the way that year you have of Clemens of,they are some sweet looking cards.

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    its pri 98 i couldnt find a year and i thought it was 97

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    Well those are the bv's on them right there. $15 and $40,my card just dont even out,lol. lmk what else you may have to offer.

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    Do you have any 2004 baseball or 2003 update? Or any other Palmer cards?

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    Just some 04 Topps right now,my doubles is on my site.

    Only Palmer I have left.

    Do you have any Beckett samples for trade?

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