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Thread: comrie bobble hear for cc

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    comrie bobble hear for cc

    2002-2003 heads up redemption card bv $30

    i'll start the bidding at
    150 cc

    min bids of 25 cc

    auction ends dec 4 at 11:59 p.m.

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    ill bid only if the redemption card is good...

    if it is unredeemable then my bid is void

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    I may have paid the CC.... but have yet to receive the card.

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    Well, this auction has been over for a month and I haven't received the card. Also, I haven't heard anything from the seller regarding its status. Finally, the redemption card experied on the 31st.

    whiteayman: please refund my 175 CC or with a reasonable card.

    Everyone else: Don't trade with or buy from whiteayman.

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