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    Check my site and Lets Trade...NEW stuff available..

    LMK if you want anything from here:

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    i like ur sheffield auto, ur andruw jones buyback, and the texeira auto lmk if u see anything in similar bv for them...
    dont want to give away an auto of bv60 (65) for them, id prefer to break them up so im not trading one big auto for them all
    also, do u have a scan of the chipper auto
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    I like your 2000 Ionix Manny auto...

    I can trade my andruw buyback for it straight up...

    LMK...the Chipper is not for trade and the Teixiera is already traded(need to take it off).

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    o ok, in that case i think i only want the sheffield...that manny sells for over 15 bux on there anything else of mine u like for the sheff...maybe we can do a cash/trade deal

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    I also like your 2000 SP Giambi Auto....


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