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Thread: Target Packs!!!

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    Talking Target Packs!!!

    I opened 7 Target packs last Saturday, and here is what I got.

    Pack #1: 93-94 Ultra Karl Malone Autograph bv100 !!! Yeah, Baby!!! :)

    Pack #2: 99-00 Skybox Autographics Sam Mitchell bv6

    Pack #3: 99-00 Skybox Autographics Kenny Thomas bv12

    Pack #4: 97-98 Skybox Autographics John Starks bv20

    Pack #5: 98-99 Skybox Autographics Michael Olowakandi bv25 (He is one of my favorite players!!!)

    Pack #6: 96-97 Skybox Autographics Andre Lang (Who is this guy???) bv6

    Final Pack: 96-97 Skybox Emerald Autographs Ray Allen bv80!!!

    It was really fun to open those packs, especially I got a really good card on my first pack.
    I was really happy with Malone because I am a Lakers Fan, and a day before he had a triple double. :)

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    I am sick and tired of everyone getting all of these target packs...because I'm jealous because our Target doesn't carry them. If someone would hook me up with a pack I would really appreciate it (I will pay with cash or CC)

    BTW: AWESOME PULLS! kobe080

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    Great Pulls. I feel the same way as you slugger21. I don't have any Target stores by here and can't get any!

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    great pulls! hope your luck continues if you get more

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    how can you tell the difference from the normal autos and the emerald ones?

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    what packs are these? how much are they? i was at target yesterday and they had packs with a Victory and a Auto for 5 bucks.


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