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Thread: Wanted 2004 Topps Gold

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    Wanted 2004 Topps Gold

    I am trying to put together the 2004 Topps Gold Parallel complete set. PLMK if you have any of these, as I probably either need them or want ones with better centering. I have many football RC's and inserts to trade, and a couple nice baseball cards as well. Thanks and happy December


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    I have these if you're interested:

    #220, Manny Ramirez
    #276, Clint Hurdle (Manager)
    #287, Ken Macha (Manager)
    #306, Donald Levinski



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    have this one

    272 dusty baker 1947/2004

    will sell for 25 CC

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    Tutall, I will send you the pm with my info right now, along with the 25cc.

    Radar, I need all 4 of those. PLMK what you are looking for.

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    I have a Jack Wilson gold card.
    Looking for anything in my sig.

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