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Thread: auto and patch trade list

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    auto and patch trade list

    this is a list of patches and autos that i would not mind moving right now

    Star Autos:
    *Only looking for Star Autos in return

    Cabrera, Orlando 1998 Donruss Signature -$10
    Casey, Sean 1998 Donruss Signature -$20
    Hrbek, Kent 1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated Greats of the Game Autos -$15
    Lawrence, Brian 2003 Playoff Portraits Auto /100 -$12
    Oswalt, Roy 2003 Leaf Limited Moniker Autograph /10 -NB/Rarity
    Sweeney, Mike 2001 Platinum Lumberjacks Auto SP -NB/Rarity
    Vidro, Jose 2000 Fleer Autographics -$12
    Walker, Todd 1998 Donruss Signature -$10
    Watson, Bob 2003 Topps Retired Stars Signature Edition Uncirculated Autographs Refractor /25 -NB/Rarity

    Common Autos:
    *Only looking for common Major Brand Autos (no just etc) in return
    Alvarez, Tony 2001 Topps Fusion Autographs -$15
    Bottenfield, Kent 2000 Mystique Fresh Ink -$5
    Buford, Damon 1996 Leaf Signature -$2
    Cianfrocco, Archi 1996 Leaf Signature Extended Series -$2
    Coomer, Ron 1997 Donruss Signature -$4
    Cora, Joey 1996 Leaf Signature -$2
    Gibson, Derrick 1998 EX-2001 Signature 2001 -$6
    Grilli, Jason 1999 Skybox Autographics -$6
    Guererro, Wilton 2000 SP Authentic Choreography -$5
    Guzman, Juan 1996 Leaf Signature -$2
    Hamilton, Darryl 1996 Leaf Signature -$2
    Hill, Ken 1996 Leaf Signature -$2
    Jefferson, Reggie 1996 Leaf Signature -$2
    Neagle, Denny 1996 Leaf Signature Silver -$4
    Newfield, Marc 1996 Leaf Signature Silver -$4
    Martin, Al 1996 Leaf Signature -$2
    Palmer, Dean 1996 Leaf Signature Gold -$8
    Pavano, Carl 2000 Skybox Autographics -$6
    Perez, Carlos 1996 Leaf Signature -$2
    Pulshiper, Bill 1996 Leaf Signature -$2
    Ramirez, Julio 1999 SP Top Prospects Choreography -$4
    Randa, Joe 1997 Donruss Signature -$4
    Seguignal, Fernando 1999 SP Signature Edition -$4
    Stairs, Matt 1996 Leaf Signature Extended Series -$2

    *Looking for autos or patches in return

    Chavez, Eric 2003 Fleer Patchworks Patch L2 /100 3C (jsy-grn-yel) -$30
    Bagwell, Jeff 2003 Fleer Mystique Shining Stars Patch /50 3C (red-ofw-blk) -NB/New


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    Here's a trade offer:

    Lawrence, Brian 2003 Playoff Portraits Auto /100 -$12
    Stairs, Matt 1996 Leaf Signature Extended Series -$2
    2001 SAGE Samuel Dalembert (33/80) Auto BV 15

    PLMK since I dont really want this auto. That's mainly why I made the trade in your favor.

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    im just looking for major brand autos, sorry...
    im not a big fan of sage, press pass, just, royal rookies, etc. I barely even pick up UD Top Prospects or Minor League

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    Or maybe this card are you interested in?

    2003 Leaf Clubhouse Signatures Josh Bard BV 10 and maybe 2 of my cheap autos for the Lawrence? I know the lower end ones are ones you dont like, but I dont have much to offer that isnt minor league.

    MY EDIT: The only other thing I have that isnt Minor League is hockey and I dont know if you want hockey. Maybe if you are interested in these two, because I have really wanted one of these Portraits autos.
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    im going to have to pass...on the lawrence id want a "name" player or an auto thats at least #ed as low (/100)

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    Do you still have the Dean Palmer Gold autograph? PLMK
    Selling All!

    Currently trading ONLY for Pirates autos I need, UFC/MMA cards, and Dean Palmer I need (wantlist on site). Will also consider nicer Steelers items too.
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    yes i do
    would the alou be within range? if not would any of these be: the wilson autographics, cruz jr, or edmonds...dont have a baseball beckett on me right now

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    Pavano, Carl 2000 Skybox Autographics -$6
    Grilli, Jason 1999 Skybox Autographics -$6
    Oswalt, Roy 2003 Leaf Limited Moniker Autograph /10 -NB/Rarity

    Have scans of these? Also, what BV would you want on Oswalt?

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    acbaseball- this is an old post someone brought back up, the grilli and pavano are gone. On the oswalt i want a BV $150 min (beckett had reported a sale at $70)

    dh5123- im not looking to sell
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