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Thread: I need all tim rattay cards

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    I need all tim rattay cards

    hey everyone, i need everything of tim rattay base, rcs, autos and gu'd. im looking to buy and trade so lmk what you have. thanks.

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    thanks, but i cant use ebay because i dont have a credit card. if you dont sell them on ebay or get anything else, plmk. thanks for the reply

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    I have a 2000 Bowman Rattay RC. PLMK if you need it. Thanks


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    yah, i need it, is it in excellent condition and what are you looking for price wise and trade wise, lmk, thanks

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    Ummm, I was hoping to get like $3 and a SASE. I have no idea what it is worth, so the offer may sound how, but that is what i normally start my sales with. PLMK and thanks


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    vintage, how about $3 including sase. i think the card only books like 5-8. lmk, also, would you trade for it ? just wondering.

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    bilsd, i need it, does it have a bv and what do you want for it. lmk, thanks

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