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Thread: Need a ROY OSWALT autograph

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    Need a ROY OSWALT autograph

    Looking for any Roy Oswalt autograph card. Generally these cards book around $15. I really want the 2003 SPx Young Stars Autograph Jersey card that books at $15 or any other jersey/auto of Oswalt, but will consider all offers! Thankyou!


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    If only you had posted 2 days ago :) I just traded my oswalt signature series auto away for a ralph kiner auto. You barely missed out on it :)

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    man! just missed it...oh well....anybody have one? comeon!

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    are you a member of TR? if so, I can let you know his name, and you can try and trade for it.

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    no, not a member of traders retreat, I need referals and havent had much time to do so.

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