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    looking for autographics that look like this ONLY!

    if you have the #/50 purple foil, let me know that as well.

    i have a lot of the commons, i.e. 10-15 bv but i still might be able to use more so list everything you have....also indicate what cards you like from me.


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    I have the Lankford I could maybe trade you but you have to trade me a Cardinals auto in return. LMK
    Thank you

    and yes it looks the Helton auto

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    well the only 2 cardinals auto i have is the lankford auto #/50 autographics but obviously i'm not going to trade that, the 2nd one i traded away (drew spx) last week.

    would have been nice to get that, but i guess it won't work. you can check my site to see if there's something that might interest you.

    thanks for offering.

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    i have the pat burrell auto /50 from that set 1999. looking for other good autos

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    Do you have any cheaper inserts/parallels that are not on your site? I do collect Cardinals parallels such as refractors and whatnot. LMK
    Thank you

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    i do but i'll have to dig through it and that won't happen until mid december....

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    knightfam5: the only card of cardinals right off the top of my head is a 03 bowman chrome scott rolen refractor and also the base.

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    Well, you do some digging and let me know if you find anything else.
    Thank you

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    KNIGHTfAM5- i'm going to get back to you tonight, possibly would you be interested in the scott rolen refractor bowman chrome as well? also you just want inserts/parallels of cardinals and not base cards right? if interested, i can add a 2001 don. signature #/800 rc of the cardinals that books 8-15.00 and it'll give you the favor.

    lmk if that'll work rather than me having to dig through my cards.

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