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Thread: 2 Clemens Autos FT

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    2 Clemens Autos FT

    I have these FT/FS
    97 Donruss Signature numbered to 400 bv 120 in Jays Uniform
    03 Sweet Spot SP/73
    Looking for high end autos LMK

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    would you be interestd in my eddie murray auto (on my site) for the sweet spot sp/73?

    also how much for the beltran#/25 (is george brett on the other side?)

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    no thanks dont need murray, yes brett is on the other side and im looking for 150 on it

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    Hello---I like the Sweet Spot Clemens auto ($150)---check my site, I've got a Ripken auto ($200)---I might trade if we can come up with something else to throw in. If you're not interested in the Ripken, maybe you will see something else that catches your eye. Thanks, "Nail"

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