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    02 bowman chrome draft Hamels, Reed, Upton, Mcpherson, Stokes, Xfractors for trade

    I have the following xfractors for trade out of 2002 bowman chrome draft:

    Hamels, Kotchman, Upton, stokes, Reed, Mcpherson, saarloos, bankston, Tracy.

    I am looking for NICE Rookie cards of hitters in return. Lmk what you have. Thanks

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    r u only doing xfractors? i need the chromes i asked for and your pp autos i needed. i will have like $30 to spned in the next week


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    i need the Reed very bad, let me know what u want in return from my site.

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    bbplay: I didnt see anything on you list I wanted except the Reed Refractor. LOL

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    I like the Kotchman, anything on my page that you could use?


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