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    Anyone have extra Andy Marte Cards?

    I still need a lot of Andy Marte Cards so let me know if you have any extras..Thanks

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    I have a topps 205 Andy Marte Brooklyn mini #132. books for $6.00

    Let me know if you are interested in buying or trading for.


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    I have that one...Looking for ones that I don't already have....Here is my collection...anything not on there is what I need...


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    i really need that jason saltamacchia auto badly, all i have of marte is a topps t205 mini polar bear, anything else you are looking for? i need it for my set


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    Well...I would CONSIDER trading the Jarrod Saltalammachia when the pricing comes out..."Salty Dog" is Going to be a stud Catcher...

    What do you need for that Topps 205 Marte Polar Bear?
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    can you find more stuff for saltamacchia? i want to get this set asap


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    Well...If I were to trade the Salty Dog, It would need to be straight up for another auto....But I didn't see any on your site that I needed for it....

    Do I have anything else you need....I really NEEd that Marte...


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    not on my site, i have a 2000 SP Authentic Vernon Wells Auto, i can do that and the marte for salty


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    No Thanks...I really would like to wait until the pricing comes out to deal it away..

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