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Thread: BCS NEWS

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    looks like its LSU vs OU... just heard it on ABC... looks like USC who is ranked #1 in AP and ESPN doesnt make championship, IMO this is bull.. how can a team that loses in the beginning of the year not make it and a team that loses there last game make it... i think that the BCS is crap lol... it almost ruined WVU's chances of winnig the BCS, I think its time for fans to revolt lol.. .and no one go to the championship... I wanna hear other people opinions on this

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    This is bull. The only fair way is to go into an elimination type format sort of like college b-ball does. That way all the top teams have a fair chance.

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    I'm not a USC fan by any stretch, but they are getting screwed. OU got hammered by K-State, there is no way they should be playing for the championship.

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    Two reasons why it should be USC and LSU in the Sugar Bowl.

    #1- USC and LSU are ranked #1 and #2 respectively
    #2- USC and LSU are both conference champions

    OU didn't even win their conference and are now ranked #3 in the AP and USA polls. OU was the only team of the three who's one loss was a blowout, where as USC lost a close one in Triple overtime. The one thing I do know is that the BCS contract is up in 2005 and I think it will either be gone or have some dramatic changes made to it.

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    as a UCLA fan, I HATE usc with a passion

    but even I know when USC is being royally screwed


    #2 and #3 are playing on Jan 4th for the right to be #1

    hmmmmmmmmmmm, (sniff) (sniff)... something smells rotten

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    I hope USC beats the stuffing out of scUM in the Rose Bowl. OU and LSU play a very close game with OU winning. Then hopefully the writers of America will make the smart choice and vote USC #1. Or at least in one of the polls. It's not required by the rules that the writers have to vote the Sugar Bowl winner #1. They could vote Boise State, Texas Christian or Miami of Ohio #1 if they wanted.

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    if USC wins, they're #1 in the AP poll

    and the winner of Sugar Bowl is #1 in the other poll

    in other words, co-champions

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    The Rose Bowl is the game everyone needs to watch. This game is gonna be more exciting than the stupid sugar bowl.

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    Originally posted by podstock

    if USC wins, they're #1 in the AP poll

    and the winner of Sugar Bowl is #1 in the other poll

    in other words, co-champions
    Yes you are correct. I would rather see split national champions sooner than Oklahoma or LSU winning it outright. If USC can beat Michigan (unarguably one of the toughest teams down the stretch) they deserve a share of the title for their efforts all season.

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