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    WTT 2004 Topps Plus many inserts

    Hi All

    I have many 2004 Topps Base cards and Inserts, Fall Classic Program Covers, Hobby Masters, Own the Game and Gold cards for trade or sale. Please take a peak at my want list at WWW and see if we can help each other. thanks for looking.

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    I was looking at your site. The card you are looking for #'d to 100, are you sure it's #'d? Beckett online will sometimes show a card as #/100 if they know the print run is 100.
    The printed guide will say whether or not it's serial #'d. It will say print run of 100 under the ratio statement of that set if it's not really #'d.
    Just thought this may help.

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    If you are talking about the Garciaparra Early Road to th Hall card, you are probably right. I thought, i seen one on Ebay. When i bought this one on Ebay it was advertised, that it may be an error card, because it was not numbered. Thanks for the imfo.


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    i need the fall classic program covers PM me which ones you have and then ill make an offer....

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    I have over 50 Program Covers many doubles to many to post. So please send your want list. Thanks


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    I need 1908,1910,1914,1916,1918,1920,1922,1924,1928,1932, 1934,1944,1946,1948,1950,1952,1954,1956,1958,1960, 1962,1964,1966,1968,1970,1974,1976,1978,1980,1982, 1988,1990,1992,1996,2000,2002

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    I need any Gold rookies. Do you have any? Please let me know. Thanks.


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    I have 23 cards you need all except 22,24,32,52,56,58,88,90,


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