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Thread: Nommmaaahhhh GU FS

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    Nommmaaahhhh GU FS

    I have a 03 Fleer Genuine Longball Threats Derek Jeter/Nommmaaahhhh Jsy for sale. This card only has a piece of Nomar's jsy, not Jeter. I am looking for $5 delivered. PLMK if interested!


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    Nomahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh ciahhhhhhhhhhhpahhhhhhhhhhrrahhhhhhhhhh

    Sorry Dill,had to do it :D

    Wantlist and tradelist:
    Hidden Content

    Collect Albert Pujols,Mets,golf,Topps brand RCs and set wantlist on my page. Photobucket is garbage.

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    pujolsmussina - Yes, I am sure. I re-checked for ya ;)

    sportscollector - No thanks, not looking to trade down and I need to sell

    blair - No problem :)

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    Right now, yes. I am planning on buying a new computer after christmas and I need to raise some money! PLMK!


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    Sorry, No scan but I'll try to find one on eBay :)

    Card is perfect. Nothing is wrong. Nothing wrong with corners, no creases, it's pack fresh :)


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    Well, I couldn't find the exact card, but this is a card from the same set

    Where the A's player is, Jeter is there. Instead of the A's logo, it's the yankees logo, and on the other side, instead of Delgado, it's Nomar and a swatch of his jersey. His jersey is grey. PLMK if you'd like to buy!


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