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Thread: 2003 Prospect Premieres

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    2003 Prospect Premieres

    Has anyone opend a box of these? Or have a bunch? Im looking for some cards in that set. PLMK if you have ANY of these cards! thanks :)

  2. SCC Cyber Week 2017
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    No one has opened a box of these or just has some singles? PLMK if you do thanks!

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    yea i opened a box actually i completed a set, what do you need

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    4 Aaron Hill
    11 BRAD SNYDER (any and all)
    12 Brad Sullivan
    65 Ian Stewart
    68 Micheal Aubrey
    69 Kevin Kouzmanoff

    PLMK Thanks for the reply!

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    I'll take the Ian Stewart let me know what U want for it!

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    I don't have a Stewart i was asking j smeltz if he had one. Sorry.

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    would you trade it for a gibbons or ripken that you dont have?

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