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Thread: What is your best pull ever?

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    Not a big name,but 02vanguard muti-colored, patch variation of

    J.lehtinen/J.Lumme #'d 1/76(sweet card).

    Beats my Gaborik Titanium and Cloutier/Naslund Doublesided G.U

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    Not much here... A jagr winning materials, a gaborik black diamond rc /1999 and a bobby hull auto puck redemption. As you can see, my luck hasn't been the greatest.

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    those arent exactly bad cards at all. i have been collecting gaborik for a while now. would you be interested in trading me your gaborik black diamond rookie. i will give you a nice deal for it!!!

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    after looking at your site, i think youll be interested in this card:

    99-00 bap millenium (signature) series SIMON GAGNE gold auto first signature card worth $45. would you trade that for the gaborik black diamond???

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    I would if it hadn't been sold on ebay for full bv. The pulls aren't BAD, but in relation to what many people have pulled, they aren't the best. I guess it isn't that bad for someone with a very limited budget.

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    98-99 Topps Gold Label Goal Race '99 Red Label Joe Sakic 9/92 BV $150 US. Also an 00-01 Premier plus Vanbiesbrouck AUTO BV $35 US, 00-01 Premier Plus Vanbiesbrouck/ Pyatt Stick/Jersey BV $40 US, 02-03 Private Stock Authentic Game-worn Jersey Red Hossa 43/50 BV $40.

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    2001-02 BAP Mem. Ales Kotalik 2/10

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    02-03 Top Shelf Wayne Gretzky Auto

    I have since traded it......

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