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Thread: WOW--What a day!!!

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    WOW--What a day!!!

    Wow What a day!

    I bought a box of topps 2004 and pulled a Josh Phelps auto.

    I bought a $14.99 Target box with 12 packs and a "GU Jersey" and got a 2002 BLChallenge Troy Glaus Jersey auto /25. No book!

    Then I got went to Meijer and got three new football variations:

    Faulk Retro colts
    Favre White
    Hines Ward White (for me)

    All are for trade xcept the Ward


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    I guess I gotta go to Battle Creek when I go to my aunt's house. I'm interested in the Phelps auto. What would be a fair BV? I was thinking BV 10-15.

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    also interested in the glaus
    My wantlist:

    Mickey Mantle - serial numbered (no topps milestones)

    Jimmie Johnson - anything I don't have

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    Hey everybody! I didn't see anything on your pages that I would trade straight up for the Glaus. I was looking at $120 in trade. That may or may not be fair but it is an estimate. I am looking preferably to trad eit for lower valued autographs or rookies. I would listen to offers.

    Cardinalfan13--I would like Baseball autos or rookies to the tune of $50 for the Faulk....he is selling around $25 on the bay.


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