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Thread: Looking for Lew Ford

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    Looking for Lew Ford

    Hi all, Im looking to trade for Lew Ford cards. Let me know what you have with BV and what you would like in return. Thanks and happy holidays, Mike

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    i have a 03 lew ford topps pristine personal endorsements auto rc.

    do you still havee the bowman chrome foppert auto?

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    he's a little old to be a prospect but in 34 games in th majors he batted .300+ so twins fans love him. great power, goodeye, great on base per.

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    I have a bowman chrome gold refractor, refractor and regular bowman chrome rcs. do you have any baseball rookie cards for trade? lmk thanks

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    Thanks for the replys...
    Puljosmussina- No the Foppert auto is Bye Bye
    crazylox- Who are you looking for? Iam interested in your cards

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    Mike, did you get my PM. Please let me know. Thanks.


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    pujolsmussina---Deal ..I will pm you my addy Thanks--Mike

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